OpenSPOT: short review &  USB console 

Very excited to use the OpenSpot 3 for more than 2 year already, straight forward setup using the UI, good audio quality, fair battery life and range, overall satisfied with the product. Managing settings using a OpenSPOT using terminal (e.g. Mac OS X) in a few simple steps:

1. Open Terminal and type:
ls /dev/cu.*
2. From the list of devices mounted displayed, look for something considering the following syntax:
/dev/cu.usbmodemUID ,where UID is your unit ID, please check on the label placed on the back of the hotspot.
3. Access the list of commands available through the command:
screen /dev/cu.usbmodemCF8F37F81 115200
4. The following commands are available:

inf - devinfo
log - toggle log
bat - print battery status
rbt - reboot
rbc - config reset
rbb - reboot to btldr
rsp - reset www passwd
ccp (nr) - get/switch config profile
wsc - wifi scan
ccc [country code] - change country
net - print net cfg
nst - print net stats
off - turn off
pwr (0|1) - pwrsaving
apm - toggle ap mode
apa (0|1) - start in ap mode
aps [ssid] - ap ssid
apk [key] - ap key
apc [nr] - ap channel
mac [mac] - change mac
sts [ssid] - connect ssid
stb [bssid] - connect bssid
stk [key] - connect key
nmd [mode] - change net mode
nip [ip] - change ip
ntm [mask] - change netmask
ngw [ip] - change gw
nd1 [ip] - change dns1
nd2 [ip] - change dns2
nhn [hostname] - change hostname
bep [hz] [ms] - beep

For more info do refer to the official manual at this location.