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Review: Handheld antennas comparison

Antennas for portable equipment presented below:

The first antenna presented is from Jetfon a 2m / 70 cm dual-band handheld radio antenna led stubby Tx, the price is 15 EUR, technical specifications here:

Code Type Length Weight Power rating Connector Colour
DB-110 M/F 1/4 λ <= 11.5 cm. <= 11 gr. 10 W SMA M / F Red (M) / Green (F)

The next antenna I have tested and used on a daily basis is from D-ORIGINAL, dual-band 70 CM and 2 m lambda, price expected 10 EUR, specs below: 

Code Type Length Weight Power rating Connector Colour
DX-DB-45-LED-M/F 1/6 λ? 40 mm. < 10 gr. 10 W SMA M / F Black with red LED light

One of the antennas which are my daily driver in terms of performance is Nagoya NA-701, dual-band 70 CM and 2 m lambda, price expected 20 EUR, technical specs below: 

Code Type Length Weight Power rating Connector Impedance
NA-701 1/4 λ 17 cm. < 25 gr. 10 W SMA M, F or BNC 50 Ω

Besides a good performance in the field for transmission (acceptable SWR) offers wide receiving coverage 120 / 150 / 300 / 450 / 900 MHz. 

One of the radials I am using is from Komunica which is performing well, a couple of tech details:

CodeGainTypeImpedancePower ratingConnector
PWR-SRH-5193 dBi1/4 λ
50 Ω

A mini dual-band antenna (144/430 Mhz) with extended receive coverage (150/300/450/800Mhz) weighs just 9 grams and 21 cm length.

Review: Motorola MTH 800

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Review: Hytera AR 685

Review: Hytera AR 685

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