Nowadays cyber threats/attacks are increasing across personal computers/devices as well as corporate computers. Find below a few simple steps in order to stay secure and reduce the possibility to get hacked:

  1. Keep your OS and applications installed up to date
    Are many debates regarding which operating system is the most secure (Windows vs. Mac OS X vs. Linux vs. others). No matter which OS you decide to use keep in mind that an up to date platform will keep you away from any threat (theoretically, consider zero days attacks). Make sure the applications installed are updated, automatically if possible, or manually consulting the official package repository. 
  2. Use an antivirus (keep it updated)
    Using an antivirus is always a good idea, are freeware and paid options, I will go for the paid ones as updates for signatures are pushed faster.
  3. Install applications only from trusted sources
    Use application which is published by the trusted software vendors, official vendors are always signing the installation packages, any misuse of the signature will be usually detected during the installation process. Are exceptions when the software/package is not signed, monitor the application behavior always.
  4. Perform carefully operations through the internet
    Browsing can expose your computer to different threats, using a public network can increase considerably the probability to be exposed to any kinds of attacks such as man in the middle, rogue hotspots, etc. I strongly recommended using a VPN (paid) while browsing through public networks/hotspots.