Crossing an Android smartphone and a DMR handheld transceiver will result in a smartphone DMR capable. At this moment are more than twenty such as devices ranging from 200 EUR up to 800 EUR distinguished by technical capabilities. The past year I use three of that kind of smartphones on a daily basis, many others I tried occasionally or during ham radio fairs. I decided to present only five of them, the points I am looking at are the OS version, DMR or only FM capability, transmission power, the international protection code (knowns as ingress protection marker), CPU power, RAM, storage dual SIM possibility and battery capacity. Not the last price the buyer must pay for the features and capabilities offered. Below is the comparison table:

Ulefone Armor 3T

The strong point of this product is the battery capacity, IP standards, performance, robustness, dual SIM and the low price. The smartphone is accompanied by a full set of accessories. The weak point is the RF power delivered, only 1-2 W considering that the battery capacity is 10,300 mAh.

Anysecu 3T

Similar capacities offered by Armor 3T, the battery with a bit lower capacity and storage available as well.

RFinder M1

Reasonable battery capacity, considerably high power delivered 4 W, the operating system, unfortunately, is version 6 which may reduce the range of application which may be installed. For future OS updates and extending the possibility of an increased number of applications to be installed may be noticed performance limitations due to CPU power and RAM storage. Strong points are RF power and Rfinder app WW Repeater. The price is quite high, unfortunately.

Runbo H1

This device has similar capabilities with Rfinder M1, the possibility to perform the ROM upgrade in order to turn it into an M1. ROM upgrade will add an extra cost on the top of the base price which is already high.

Boxchip s700a

Good performance, dual SIM capability, good app to control the SDR module. The price, CPU, RAM are few of the weak sided buying Boxchip.


As I didn't test thoroughly all five devices, only three of them are difficult to conclude fair which device to buy. Definitively Ulefone and Anysecu are exceeding the expectations for the price paid and such as devices will help you using it as a smartphone and as a ham radio transceiver, while the rest the feel and look and the performance will make them suitable as a handheld transceiver mainly.