BlackBerry Blend with Passport

BlackBerry Blend with Passport

I am using on my day to day activities BlackBerry Passport addressed to a niche group of people using their smartphone for business mostly. In order to increase the productivity, you get BlackBerry Blend helping you to manage entirely you BlackBerry OS device from your computer or tablet (mobile devices). Supported platforms were Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android. Currently, only the Windows I am able to use. For the Mac OS (starting with Sierra and Mojave), Android and iOS Blend are not supported or deleted from the respective app stores. For both platforms you may download the .apk or .ipa file (on your own risk, if you trust the source) and install it manually however at a certain point due to OS updates will be no API compatibility.

iOS version for iPhone / iPad has been removed from the store, same for Android is not anymore on Google Play, I recovered .apk file from one of my old backups. (see the bottom the link)

I will be focusing on Mac OS Mojave, trying to install I got an error, I tried also launching the .pkg file (right click on installer app, choose "Show package contents", then go to Contents and Resources) - will start installing but will end with an error.

I tried using one of the Android emulators but the performance was not that good therefore I continued using the Windows version which is fine, still.

The official source for BlackBerry Blend here.
Downloads from my backups: Android APK, Mac OS DMG, Windows EXE
Other links: